Our Story

Guts BPO Incorporated is a business process outsourcing company established in 2019. The company is founded in the Philippines and owned by a Filipino-American engineer and entrepreneur, Enrique de Guzman. It all started with an idea of setting up a “general service provider” type of BPO. The company’s General Manager, Catherine Bruno collaborated with the team to streamline what it can offer and to focus highly in engineering services to maximize their full potential through offshoring. Nevertheless, the company is always ready to scale up by extending services through Contact Center, Digital Marketing, Virtual Assistance, LinkedIn and Data Mining, and IT and Web Development.

Even before the company’s formal launch, various clients have expressed interest to work and partner with experienced management. Everyday, there are new interested applicants and clients who are eager to be part of the company’s road to success.

The management and its talents are committed to provide innovative, high-quality, and cost-effective engineering and outsourcing solutions. Everyone at Guts BPO has a passion for excellence, dedicated to deliver fantastic results helping clients’ businesses grow.

Our Team

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Enrique De Guzman

Enrique has been in the industry for 20 years. He is known for his expertise in the design and automation of all industrial manufacturing equipment. With his innovative thinking and entrepreneurial spirit, Enrique is committed to propelling the company forward and making it one of the leading Business Process Outsourcing providers.

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Catherine "Citi" Bruno
General Manager

Since she was young, Citi has proven her excellence not only in academics, but also in handling people, and strategic planning. She is loved and trusted because of her grace in dealing with difficult situations. She understands people, processes, and especially the “money mechanics” in business. But her greatest asset aside from being smart and professional – she is effortlessly cool.

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Dominador Narciso
Senior Project Manager

Dominador brings with him a substantial experience in process and system improvement. As a seasoned and a Lean Six Sigma Certified professional, he helps organizations improve their performance and revamp production processes by providing a structured approach to resolving problems and ensuring quality.

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